As users of your Sitecore platform content editors, marketers and business users can organize content in line with your content marketing strategy.

The expert team at Sidewalk offers hands-on support based on your actual site, your own blocks, components, page templates and with your own user data.

Any partner can give you and your team a general course on Sitecore‚Äôs content management system. However, we at Sidewalk want to offer you hands-on support on how to manage your content and optimizing it for SEO, your multiple audiences and channels.

We will help you with:

  • use A/B testing
  • set up personalization where relevant
  • train you on EXM
  • support you in analyzing the captured data in the Experience Profile
  • with any specific topic and for any selected group of users

No two implementations are the same, our trainings will be just for you and your unique set-up and requirements. This will help you get a deeper understanding of the Sitecore platform and enable you to unlock its full potential. 

Basically, we will give you personalized training on any topic and for any of your user groups to make sure you get maximal results from your digital strategy and Sitecore implementation as quickly as possible.

Sidewalk is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner

Sidewalk is the only company in the Benelux who is fully dedicated to implement Sitecore technology.

We do not focus on other CMS technologies. Due to this unique position in the Belgian market, Sidewalk is able to offer experienced local Sitecore experts. All Sidewalk developers have successfully completed the official Sitecore training program and certification.

Find out more about us here!

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