Sidewalk becomes Blastic. Both experts in digital marketing platforms, Oak Street and Sidewalk will merge and continue as Blastic.

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The tools, features, tracking and personalization strategies we recommend are aligned with the digital maturity of your organization.

Based on the Sitecore Business Optimization Services approach we conduct workshops to get insights in your digital marketing strategy, including the strategic theme and strategic objectives. We will determine your marketing objectives, online goals and micro/macro conversions to measure how your audience behaves on all channels.

Having a clear overview of the marketing objectives and goals of the digital channels, we are able to translate this to Sitecore elements that can be implemented.

Do you want to measure how effective your Sitecore platform is? Do you have a website on Sitecore but don't use the digital marketing functionalities? 

Sidewalk is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner

Sidewalk is the only company in the Benelux who is fully dedicated to implement Sitecore technology.

We do not focus on other technologies. Due to this unique position in the Belgian market, Sidewalk is able to offer experienced local Sitecore experts. All Sidewalk developers have successfully completed the official Sitecore training program and certification.

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