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On May 23th, we organized a lunch session about the importance of customer experience and how the headless concept can help you to enable this, together with our partners IN10 and Sitecore. Time for a little recap!

The importance of Customer Experience

In the introduction session, Guy Biron from Sitecore explained that customer experience is more important than the price or product. It is important to have a strong omni-channel strategy and to optimize experiences. This is the focus of Sitecore as a the leading Digital Experience Platform.

Guy Biron from Sitecore

Customer Experience Design

Arno Wolterman from our partner IN10 took the stage to talk about Customer Experience Design. Every touchpoint within the customer's interaction with a product/service is designed to deliver experiences based on the brand's promise.

In Arno's inspiring session he gave insights in how we do customer journey mappings and translate them to design systems and content strategies.

Arno Wolterman IN10


Headless: enabling a better customer experience

Our experts Stef Coenen and Koen Roos talked about the importance of a solid digital architecture to support the omnichannel strategy, innovative technologies and an iterative approach to enable experimentation. The headless concept is the way to go and we explained what headless means in a clear language together with real life use cases and a demo.

Stef Coenen


Interested in what headless can mean for your business?

Sitecore JavaScript Services JSS

Do you want to brainstorm about your digital marketing plans and how the headless approach can help you achieve your goals?

Interested in a live demo of Sitecore JavaScript Services?

Or do you have any other Sitecore related questions?


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