The tools, features, tracking and personalization strategies we recommend are aligned with the digital maturity of your organization.

Based on the Sitecore Business Optimization Services approach we conduct workshops to get insights in your digital marketing strategy, including the strategic theme and strategic objectives. We will determine the marketing objectives and online goals.

Having a clear overview of the marketing objectives and goals of the website, we are able translate this to Sitecore elements to be implemented.

Predictive profiling and personalization

With Sitecore, you will be able to engage customers in context by “listening” to their interests in real time and personalizing content to meet their needs and expectations. Sitecore automates profile scoring with implicit and explicit behavior.

To have the right content appear to the right visitor at the right time, it’s important to look at each Target Group of site visitors and have a plan for: you should profile content according to your audience’s interests, segments, roles and other criteria that matter to your business.

Because we will tag the website pages with content profiling, Sitecore will calculate the pattern matches (for example: personas) for every visitor. This way, personalization rules can be applied to render the components content for every specific persona based on the out-of-the-box personalization rule.

The personalization based on the behavior on the website, including the pattern matches (segmentation), can be configured by using the out-of-the-box personalization rules. 

Tracking relevant signals in the customer journey

Next to content tagging, you can track micro conversions as well as macro conversions, on all channels.

In Sitecore terms, these can be configured as events, goals and outcomes. These are signals that are meaningful for the customer journey and it will allow you to configure techniques to nurture visitors to the next step in the journey.

Some examples can be: Downloading a brochure, filling in a contact form, adding a product to the shopping cart, ...

Engagement value can be assigned to the signals. This allows you to anlayze which paths, campaigns or content is generating the most value for your business. 

Marketing automation


Connect and automate interactions with your customers and prospects across any channel or device, enabling highly personalized and relevant conversations.

By using conditions, triggers, listeners and actions the content editors and marketers can set up automation flows integrated with the website and Email Experience Manager.

Sidewalk is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner

Sidewalk is the only company in the Benelux who is fully dedicated to implement Sitecore technology.

We do not focus on other CMS technologies. Due to this unique position in the Belgian market, Sidewalk is able to offer experienced local Sitecore experts. All Sidewalk developers have successfully completed the official Sitecore training program and certification.

Find out more about us here!

 "Thanks to the Sitecore platform and Sidewalk's agile approach, the threshold to innovate in marketing is much lower. Digital marketing is now really on the agenda."

Erik Mastenbroek, Group Marketing Director DOM Security

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