We are a technology company dedicated to Sitecore, with knowledge to provide strategic digital marketing consultancy and hands-on content management support.

At Sidewalk, we believe in using the Sitecore Experience Platform to implement digital marketing strategies, that enable organizations to achieve their objectives.

We do this by building long term relationships with our clients, understanding their strategy and continuously translating this strategy into suitable solutions. We create, continuously challenge and improve strategic digital marketing platforms based on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Sidewalk is the only company in the Benelux who is fully dedicated to implement Sitecore technology. We do not focus on or provide other CMS technologies. Due to this unique position in the Belgian market, Sidewalk is able to offer experienced local Sitecore experts. All Sidewalk developers have successfully completed the official Sitecore training program and certification.

We have chosen to focus on Sitecore not only because the product has proven to be solid and covers all the requirements of today's digital marketer, but also because of the user and marketer centric vision the Sitecore team reflects in their products.

We are a Sitecore Gold implementation partner. This type of Sitecore partners are recognized for their ability to deliver complex solutions. This is how Sitecore describes gold partners on their website: “Gold partners are delivering on the complete vision for customer experience management, including providing complex digital marketing solutions and customer education”.

The Sitecore expertise of Sidewalk is recognized by Sitecore by awarding 3 employees with the Sitecore MVP (Most Valuable Professional) status. We have 2 Sitecore Technology MVPs and 1 Sitecore Ambassador MVP.

Our services

Digital analysis

Translating your strategy into a digital solution

Sitecore implementation

Implementing new Sitecore platforms, integrating with other IT systems, continuously improving your platform

Platform support and maintenance

Our dedicated support team is ready when you need them


Digital marketing strategy workshops

How can you use the power of Sitecore? Let's discuss your next move!


Support content editors and marketers

Let’s compose your website together by adding SEO optimized web content, set up personalization and multi-variant tests


Other services offered by preferred partners

Because we want to focus on our core business, we work with dedicated partners for UX, UI, design, marketing strategy, hosting, ...

Our clients

The Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore Experience Platform empowers marketers with comprehensive digital marketing tools, a holistic view of customer needs and machine learning-generated insights—all of which deliver highly effective personalised experiences. And by deploying on Microsoft Azure, you get to market faster with a lower TCO.

Whether used as a full digital marketing platform or integrated with other complementary best-of-breed solutions, Sitecore Experience Platform offers marketers and developers the freedom, flexibility and speed to simply and effectively engage with customers.

Sitecore Sitecore Experience Platform uniquely collects and connects real-time customer data and interactions from all campaigns, sources and third-party systems over time; stores them in the Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB); and then generates real-time actionable insights with Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning for high-impact results.

Sitecore Sitecore Experience Platform delivers personalised experiences across the channels of today - including headless - and scales to support the channels of tomorrow, from social, web and mobile to point-of-sale, kiosks, IoT, AR, VR and mixed reality.


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