Are you looking to set up your Sitecore?

Or do you already have a platform and are looking for a new partner to help you turn your digital roadmap into a success?

We at Sidewalk can offer you a strong expertise in Sitecore development and award winning partnerships.

Our MVP’s, development team and architects are continuously updating their skills through training, education and sharing their knowledge.

• Are you already using Sitecore and need to upgrade to the latest version? We have earned trust from our customers by helping them upgrade from different versions to the latest releases.

• Are you looking to set up efficient segmentation and personalization? Our goal while developing is to help you get ROI quickly and efficiently.

• Are you interested in setting up SXA for your platform? Let us help you by getting all your internal people on speed quickly and start building.

• Commerce, GDPR set-up, SEO questions, … Let’s sit together and choose the right solution together to turn your digital plan into a digital success.

Ready to do this together?

Drop us a line if you want to put your plans into action!


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