ADECCO Website Afresh

Adecco general staffing has chosen Sidewalk as a local Sitecore partner. The goal of the assignment was clear: support the Adecco marketing team by blending into their core team and offering a mix of marketing, user experience and front-end development expertise.

Adecco HomeThe result is a fresh, smooth and clean redesigned website with lots of great features. During the development of the website, Sidewalk advised in terms of customer experience and conversion rates. The most important information and a relevant call-to-action is consistently shown above the fold. At the bottom of each page visitors will also see call-to-actions that will easily guide and navigate them to important sections on the websites.


Find a local ADECCO office.
The office locator allows visitors to easily find a local office. By doing this Adecco is converting online visitors and pushing them into the offline world. The job search engine also plays a vital role. By including multiple facets on the left hand side, job seekers can easily alter their search request.


Adecco Search Adecco Shoplocator


Finally, we have integrated an external blog in collaboration with Queromedia, who are managing the blog. The blog article teasers that are displayed on a page depend on the subject or target group of that particular page. By doing this we are able to show more relevant content and thus increase the consumption of the blog.


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