Partena Ziekenfonds launches #CX focused web site

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About the project

Partena Ziekenfonds is a challenger in Belgian Health Care & Insurance. They launched their new web site (
Sidewalk was commissioned to create & deploy this state-of-the art customer website. Using the experience we had with other sites of the Partena Partners and our many Sitecore experts, we were able to work even faster, more agile and with higher return.

We achieved clear goals: optimizing customer experience, providing an integrated & scalable communication platform for Partena Ziekenfonds and giving Partena Ziekenfonds a main digital channel for their own journey towards an omni-channel organization.

In the process we even empowered marketing (creation, publishing) & liberated IT of cumbersome technical customization.

Main digital: ready for many other channels

Sitecore ( was the most common sense choice (the right tool for the job). Sidewalk has years of experience in working with Partena group and other independent healthcare providers (,, Freie Krankenkasse) that have been put to work to achieve these goals.  

All this knowledge & experience has been put to work to achieve these goals.  The teams (marketing, IT, HR, sales, copy, . . .) worked closely together to find what would become the base of the project. Customer experience based content. Every step of the way, Sidewalk was there to not only support but also to challenge Partena Ziekenfonds in these decisions.

This website has become a MAIN DIGITAL CHANNEL for Partena Ziekenfonds. Thanks to the Experience Platform provided by Sitecore, Partena Ziekenfonds is now able to link, manage, push to/pull from a myriad of other digital channels

Thriving on Content

Because the new website thrives on content, content was the main denominator for this project. We didn't only have to provide a high volume of quality content to the visitor in the most pretty way. We had to make sure Partena Ziekenfonds was able to prepare, manage and publish all kinds of content.  Legal texts, product descriptions, images and video, Health Shop descriptions, blog posts . . .

The Sitecore users (those who are now using the in-page editor, the Web Forms for Marketers, back-end connection, etc . . . ) are non-technical resources that have to focus on their specific task: provide correct content to the correct visitor. They shouldn't have to deal with or worry about "technicalities".
All departments at Partena Ziekenfonds were involved in the conception, creation & making of this next generation #CX website.

Sitecore as Experience Platform (XP)

Partena Ziekenfonds is now able to work with many editors of different levels at the same time. With workflow processes and without any technical hassle. This freedom of "publish" results in a very fertile ground where content is king.  

Every level of the organisation is now able to request / generate his own visitor / site reports and analytics. The site and its back-end are now ready for a long term customer relationship with their day to day visitors - all over the channels!

If you have any questions about what we do, about this project or about Sitecore send us an e-mail, use the contact form, call us or come have a coffee!

Partena Ziekenfonds

Partena Ziekenfonds is a challenger in Belgian Health Care & Insurance. They launched their new web site (

Partena Ziekenfonds launches new site.

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