Connections : A travel experience on Sitecore CMS

User Experience is key for this Sitecore experience platform.

Optimize customer journey

To leverage online in their omnichannel strategy, Connections was looking for a tool to support this strategy. Sitecore Content Management System and Sitecore Digital Marketing System came out as the most appropriate tool to support the digital marketing team. Sidewalk handled the implementation of the conceived digital strategy.

On top of the high demands regarding usability, content and promotions had to be as flexible as possible - allowing to respond swiftly to the fluctuating customer and market demands.

The challenges

Besides the classic obstacles in the delivery process of a large-scale corporate website, Sidewalk was confronted with several other challenging issues. To name just a few:

Optimizing the customer relationship
Maximizing sales conversion
Modernizing an old-fashioned design into an inspirational environment
Quick Search Module optimization
Automated Content Integration setup
Content Personalization setup

Sidewalk prepares the future

The next phase integrates even more of Sitecore Marketing tools. Just to name a few:
The use of Sitecore Analytics
Setup of a ‘My Connections’ customer portal
Personalization of content and emails

CX & Personalization at the core

To make the transition from a simple low-cost travel commerce website to a full-blown experience site takes some resources.  For this project, they relied on a team of bloggers, digital marketeers, designers and developers to create a new site for connections that combined storytelling and E-commerce.

The Connections website now focusses on the customer. After all, it is about his needs and wishes that need an answer. With this project, the Digital Customer experience on site is key. An important manner to optimize this digital experience is to personalize based on the visitor at stake.

Focus on flights

In a rather versatile travel market, flight sales are connections main revenue. Therefore, the flight search tool is of paramount importance for Connections. Flight sales are their main online revenue.

We had to test this functionality thoughtfully before pushing it in production while Connections did their part of project by implementing the market plans.

With this project, Sidewalk proved its flexibility and agility to meet tight deadlines.


Connections is 100% Belgian Touroperator and one of the greatest players in this domain. Connections is specialized in the cheapest airline tickets worldwide and in organising travels for those who want to discover the world in a most free and adventurous way, and wanting as much new experiences as possible. Connections has a network of over 30 travel shops, edits his own travel brochures and an e-Commerce Unit.

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