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Two days of "hard work" @WebTomorrow for Sidewalk. Without bragging, we had the most visited booth of the event. This year we proudly teamed up with our friends @Sitecore.

Our guests loved having a shot at the DOM-Security digital key (with the hardware support of and win their very own Samsung Tablet. Some were lucky, others . . . , well, they got our experts talking about changing customer journeys, effective marketing automation & value driven engagement plans. All powered by Sitecore Experience Platform. A nice extra to start the weekend.
Now that the dust has settled and our CRM is cracking under new leads (yes, you too!), we noticed that all the guests on our booth had the same basic question: 
"How can I get this digital transformation I'm in now, in second gear?"
They all feel that they have the right buy-in & traction on C-level at their companies. The agencies they work with are managing "Marketing" in a more holistic way. Now those companies want to see results. KPI's and focus on the Goals & Objectives set at the very start of their web project - if any.
It figures! We had an universal answer to all of that. Experience & expertise in major web projects, partnerships with great communication agencies and powerful co-creation workshops (just giving it a name!) with all our clients. The Sitecore Experience platform offers the perfect state-of-the-art environment to deliver the promises made. These are the building blocks of successful digital transformations.
If you want more insights on what we do and how we do it, shoot us a message. We love to talk about your marketing automation, your engagement plans and the goals and objectives you want to reach with your digital transformation. Or if you're just in need of a mighty coffee.
Next up, We will be launching some cool projects in the near future. Some are banking, others are more insurance. We also have something in the oven for a major league football club. But that's a big secret! Oh, the GDRP tsunami is coming. We'll have your recommendations ready by September.

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