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Following a workshop discovering the secrets of the perfect cocktail, dressing up chic to put all your chips on black and flying with a boat over the waves of the sea. It sounds amazing right? I can already give away that it was amazing! Read the story below where I’ll tell about our two-day teambuilding in Knokke-Heist!

Our colleague Wim loves to organize events and asked if he could organize the teambuilding for this year. Apparently there was only one condition, the program of the teambuilding would be one big secret until the minute before the start of each activity.

The location of the teambuilding was also a secret until a few days beforehand. We had to guess the location based on the following: “4 hours from Paris”, “4 hours from Amsterdam”, “1.5 hours from Antwerp” and “1.5 hours from Ghent”. A lucky guess from Timothy made him the winner of the first game since he guessed the exact location!

Not knowing what to expect we arrived at Hotel Pavillon Du Zoute. In the morning we first had a few sessions of knowledge sharing. Several colleagues talked about the project they worked on, sharing their experiences and highlighting cool features. After the knowledge sharing, the teambuilding officially started.

We received an aperitif from the hotel. Little did we know that the waiter was acting during the aperitif. He looked at you very odd, you could even say scary, while serving you a glass of bubbles. On a certain moment he stopped pouring and took his hip flask and drank from it. He also took the glass from someone else and drank it bottom up. Poor Tim… After that he came with plates with, well… dry spaghetti, toothpicks, cheese cubes with mousetraps and fake mice, false dentures etc… Gladly the “tasty” aperitif was over and it was time for lunch. After having a really nice lunch the same waiter was now dressed as a magician. This time he was acting normal luckily. He gave a magnificent performance! We’re all amazed by his magic tricks.

In the afternoon we were invited outside in the garden of the Hotel for a cocktail workshop. Simone, an Italian cocktail expert, was our personal cocktail maker. He started by explaining a bit about the cocktails in general. Then he suggested different cocktails to make. During each of the cocktails he made, he explained all of the steps, the important things to keep in mind and some tricks and tips. It was really fun listening to his jokes and watching him while making the diverse cocktails with so much passion. Every time a cocktail was prepared he served two glasses and passed them around to taste them. Some of us also helped him making a cocktail. Apparently it was not that easy!

After enjoying the workshop we were instructed to dress up casual chic. In groups of four we had to drive a go cart. Still wondering why we had to dress like this, Wim sent us some coordinates. After we reached the location we had to take a picture of the location and only if it was correct we received the next coordinates. After a while we arrived at the casino of Knokke-Heist! Wim had foreseen dinner there. The food was really delicious. A bit later in the evening someone from the casino gave us an introduction to roulette and blackjack and we also received some casino chips to actually play. It was great evening for sure!

The next day, after breakfast, we drove with the go carts to the seawall. There was a city game arranged for us. The game was about cracking a code. Before you could crack the code you had to find the correct location and to find the location you had to search for hints. The hints were spread in the city. Each team received a tablet with the game. It showed a map of Knokke-Heist with pinpoints of the hints. We had to walk, or even run like some teams did, to each of the hints in order to decipher the location. After collecting enough hints we found the location where to crack the code!

The last activity was unquestionably the most adventurous activity from all of them. Beforehand Wim told us that there was the possibility that we could get a little bit wet from some splashes. Well, I can tell you that this was definitely not the case. Two speed boats with a top speed of 120 km/h were waiting for us in the sea. With some kind of a small rubber amphibian boat we went in the sea. You can already guess it… It took us like 30 secs and the first big wave already hit us. We were completely wet. Luckily the sun was shining so it didn’t matter that much. Once arriving at the speed boats we could choose between visiting the windmill farm or spotting seals. How could we resist the cute eyes of those seals? So of course we choose for the fluffy seals! I still remember the captain of the boat telling us “It’s possible that you’ll feel some impact from the waves, it’s best to catch these with your legs instead of your back.”. I think most of us were thinking, alright alright, just start the boat it won’t be that bad right? I was never so wrong in my life. It was almost like a skateboard in a skatepark. The boat’s nose went several meters up and then again down. One after the other wave the boat jumped over it. If you were lucky the boat landed on the downhill of the wave. The feeling was really nice. Sometimes it landed between two wave and then you could really feel the impact of the jump. Falling down 3 meters felt almost as landing on concrete. It was a super cool experience for sure. Luckily there were bars and handles to hold grip on the boat… I would never guessed that it would be this much fun! Hopefully the boats are still there next year… With a nice barbecue with finished our two day teambuilding in Knokke-Heist.

For some of the activities we had to work together, others were just having a lot of fun together, anyway, each of them helped bringing us closer together which was really nice. I believe organizing a teambuilding can really contribute to the positive working atmosphere. Looking forward to next year’s teambuilding already 😉



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