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"We believe that all valuable people and property deserve to be protected without compromise." This is how Erik Mastenbroek, Group Marketing Director of DOM, characterizes the philosophy of his company. DOM Security is an expert in developing and selling lock-technology and access solutions of the highest quality. The range varies from standard cylinder locks for homes to the most modern digital access control systems for large buildings. The company is represented throughout Europe by more than twenty sales and service offices and more than ten production sites. All products find their way to the end customer through a professional European network of more than 8,000 partners.

Stronger online presence for DOM

At the beginning of 2015 Dom Security decided it was time to work on their online presence. Offline customers were already served in a very personal way, but they also wanted to translate this approach to their online channels. The focus was on a stronger online service, more visibility and better sales support for their partners.

Mastenbroek: "We did not just want to work on our online presence, but we also wanted to use the extra possibilities such as e-mail marketing and personalization. This is how we came to Sitecore, which could serve as a one-stop-shop for all our needs. Sitecore had a clear vision of the future and Sitecore partner Sidewalk offered us professional technical support and advice.”

DOM Security contacted Sidewalk to develop the general global website,, in collaboration with the online marketing agency IN10. DOM Security launched this site in 2016 and since then it was followed by a large number of country websites, all of which have the same layout and thus contribute to the recognizability of the brand among end users and partners. In addition, DOM Security and Sidewalk can benefit from Sitecore's modular approach, allowing existing building blocks to be re-used for new country websites.

The advantages of Sitecore

An important feature of DOM's new websites is the possibility of personalization for each customer, such as a homeowner, building manager, or key specialist. In this way, the customer journey of each target group is optimized according to their specific needs and expectations.

To extend this personalization to the online experience of their customers, they opted for opportunities such as e-mail marketing and personalization based on marketing automation processes. This way, DOM Security can provide the broad target group they serve with the most valuable content for their problem. Everything that Sitecore and Sidewalk stand for: a customer journey in the light of an optimal brand experience.

The result? A website that is not only able to serve customers online, but an integrated marketing ecosystem. An ecosystem that not only focuses on when prospects end up on the website, but a sound basis for a long-term digital marketing approach. Content for all audiences can be distributed quickly and efficiently, and all of this without the need for developers.


DOM Security and Sidewalk were celebrated as Sitecore Experience Award winner of 2018 for having the Best Web Content Experience in Western Europe. The Sitecore Experience Awards are awards for brands that have developed digital and customer-centric environments based on Sitecore technology.
At the Security exhibition in Essen, Sidewalk handed over the award to DOM Security.

Some pictures of the event:

The experiences of Mastenbroek and his team have not gone unnoticed by DOM Security and parent company Groupe-SFPI. Various branches such as NEU (air movement technologies), Omnitech and DÉNY Security have watched with great interest at the increased online presence of DOM Security and have now also chosen the Sitecore platform. "Thanks to Sitecore's modular approach, they will benefit from our pioneering work," says Mastenbroek.

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