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In today’s digital marketing landscape, there are so many Content Management Systems out there. As an organization, it sure is hard to pick the right one according to your needs and budget. During a pitch, people often ask: what will be the return on investment? What are the main benefits of your solution? First off, choosing a new CMS is a strategic decision. When you build a website in Sitecore you do not simply build a website, you are setting up a digital marketing platform that will allow you independently manage the customer experience and target visitors in context.

Here is what you can expect when you choose for Sitecore:

- One integrated platform connected to multiple channels: web, e-mail, social, mobile, print, POS, … which eliminates the risk of ending up with a scattered marketing technology stack and separate data siloes

- State-of-the-art CMS that allows content editors to independently create and design their own pages or websites without involvement of IT

- A Sitecore framework a.k.a. component library created by your Sitecore partner based on your needs that enables a marketing department to create a consistent brand image and is a perfect fit in the following business scenarios: multi-lingual, multi-site, multi-country and multi-brand. The power lies in the fact that you can reuse the components saving your business time, money and above all a faster time-to-market

- One central content data hub (content, assets, product information) that is separated from the presentation layer which results in the reusability of content in multiple channels and reduction of duplicate work. You could for example reuse content from your website in your mobile app.  

- One Experience Database that allows marketers to have a single view of the customer. Every session on the website is tracked and a visitor profile is continuously enriched with new information (declared – and undeclared data) that allows marketers to segment and target know - and unknown visitors based on their product interest, engagement value, sales cycle stage, entry channel, campaigns, …

- The same database allows marketers to optimize the user journey by setting up AB tests and personalization rules which results in higher conversions rates and enhanced contextual driven experiences

- An integrated e-mail platform that allows you to send out personalized e-mails

- A form module to easily set up forms on your own

- A marketing automation module that allows to create your own automation flows reducing manual or repetitive labor

- A platform that is designed to easily integrate with other solutions (out-of-the-box connectors for Salesforce CRM, MS Dynamics 365) or exchange information via a set of APIs using xConnect

- A powerful reporting environment that enables marketers to understand who and how visitors are using their website. The path analyzer is a reporting tool that visualizes user journey. You can define your own filters and detect (un)successful journeys. Having these visitor insights is crucial because you can make data driven decisions and optimize your website continuously. 

The number of applications you get via the Sitecore XP platform is high. The fact that these applications are all linked to each other reduces the need to purchase other digital tools and thus save you money. You could also purchase a CMS and purchase a bunch of other marketing tools but take into account that integrating these will require time, resources, custom development and also separate licenses.

I hope this article gave you more insights in the value you can get when you choose Sitecore. 

Mikaël Vandeskelde
Sitecore MVP Digital Strategist


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