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Partenamut launched their new customer website. Digital transformation, powered by the Sitecore Experience Platform, as natural step for Partenamut to service & answer their clients' digital needs. 

Partenamut is a challenger in the Belgian Health & Insurance market with a solid basis in the French speaking part of the country.  Partenamut just launched their new Sitecore v8 website.  >>

This massive digital transformation is a natural step for Partenamut to answer and service the growing number of digital users among their clients. Partenamut has numerous brick-and-mortar Partenamut Agencies throughout the country that are now integrated it this omni-channel transformation.

Partenamut aligns itself to the new "digital quality" that the customer expects form his/her brand in a Customer Journey. With this new website Partenamut now manages the Experience and offers the best possible result on every touch-point during this journey. The content throughout this journey is now delivered by Partenamut in a personalized & contextualized way using Sitecore as powerful Experience Platform (

The Sidewalk team (digital strategists, Sitecore architects, developers, quality & testing managers & project managers) is proud to have been part of this transformation. Helping Partenamut to achieve this big success in a transparent and agile way. Sprint after sprint, goal after goal.

Here are some highlights of the result:

- New responsive and screen optimized interface
- Clear product info refining the customer's profile during the journey
- A Search that simplifies how the clients can benefit from Partenamut
- The same Search also refines the profile of the customer journey
- Intuitive interface with clear CTA generating higher conversions
- An effective Partenamut Agency search module to generate leads
- A powerful back-end where Partenamut marketers can manage
     + All content & create pages in a flexible and intuitive way
    + Web forms and result pages
    + Marketing campaigns
    + Product information
    + Send out e-mailings (to specific targets)
- A powerful analytics & statistics dashboard in Sitecore, providing the needed insights on correct data, both on a single visitor view and on goals & objectives.

We take a clear & helpful, personalized approach: we listen & collaborate, offering state-of-the-art technology & dedicated expertise to meet our client’s select goals. We create quality engagements for customers by taking clients’ ordinary customer visits and transforming them into something remarkable. If you want to know more about our efforts in Health & Insurance don't hesitate to shoot us an e-mail or get in touch with us. Let's start a conversation!

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