High quality leads through Undeclared data!

Sitecore Summer School | WEBINAR 24/08 10:00 GMT
In this session Mikaël explained how undeclared data can make your lead follow-up strategy more intelligent. On top of that tips to reduce form abandonment were provided and we explained how you can track and report form abandonment using Sitecore analytics.
Sitecore Summer School | Sidewalk WebinarDuring the webinar we will first focus
on topics related to form abandonment:
- Why do visitors leave a form (research, stats, …)?
- Tips and tricks to reduce form abandonment
- How can we track form abandonment?

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Undeclared data is a massive insight for Customer Experience
Lead Generation through undeclared data

In the second part we will explain
how Sitecore can make lead follow-up more intelligent:
- distinction declared data vs.
- undeclared data (engagement value, surf path, source, …)
We will especially focus on the undeclared data part and explain the added value from a business POV.

Mikaël Vandeskelde: LinkedIn
Business Consultant at Sidewalk (Sitecore Experts)

Koen Heye: LinkedIn
Sitecore Solutions Architect at Sidewalk (Sitecore Experts)