Sitecore Symposium | Sept 2016 | New Orleans (1/2)

Here are some thoughts straight from the SitecoreSYM in New Orleans where our team was in September.
Sitecore 8.2 builds on the core functionality released on the 8.x platform and continues to incorporate all feedback they received from our customers, we as partners, and analysts all over the world to strengthen the platform since Sitecore 8.0 was released back in December 2014.

Commerce usability and functionality have been improved and additional modules such as Experience Accelerator and Express Migrations have been introduced to help you speed implementation times and assist with moving to the modern 8.x platform.
But first, some of the topics our team fell in love with - at first sight!


Post-purchase experiences are crucial for brand loyalty. Brand loyalty isn’t measured at the check-out of a cart or at the end of this "one journey". Brand loyalty is born and nurtured the moment the client has made his biggest sacrifice. He trusts you now, unconditionally.This is the moment (the BigBang) where everything about your brand should reassure the customer, reinforce the greatness of your brand and ultimately prepare the next customer journey for another purchase or conversion. The Master Plan of what touch-point you should use that is written in your Content & Marketing Strategy, lying in your top drawer.

Digital is eating the world. Does that mean that you should send heaps of snaps to your customers when you chat on Snapchat or any other channel? Constantly and without pause, so they can never escape your product? Maybe, but no : - )

Using Sitecore’s marketing automation, combined with the contextual content personalization (also Sitecore native), we make sure this customer journey is not "one that is to remember", but "one that is to re-do”. Over and over again . . . Covering marketing automation, multiple touch-point management and friction free customer journeys. 


It's not only about context ... it's also about convenience. It's about simplifying things and win time.

 There are two kinds of customers here.
a: The Visitor who starts (and continues at best) his customer journey on your site.
b: The Marketer (the one that is always forgotten) who needs a powerful experience management platform. A set of handy tools.  

Bringing "complex MarTech concepts" to an operational level, understandable for your client / customer / visitor should be your main focus. Those concepts should be transparent, familiar and presented to the customers' expectations.Your objective is a friction less experience for your customer. These same complex concepts (experience management, marketing automation, loyalty programs) should be manageable by marketers. Manageable in a way that not the chosen technology, but the accomplishments, the wins and successes will change your business. Giving you a piece of the Digital Transformation puzzle.

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SitecoreSymposium Minutes | September 2016 | New Orleans