How to transform the cuStomer journey?

Here at Sidewalk, where I am working as a business consultant we support you, our clients, by providing expert advice on how you can orchestrate your customer journey. The journey your customer embarks on needs to be flawless.

This journey is unique, whether we’re talking about a customer looking for a product or an employee looking for information on the intranet. Probably everybody in your organization has his or her own opinion about the customer experience, depending on the department they’re working in, their age or their personal or professional experiences. 

In 2012, Sidewalk was founded within the Comma Group as a Sitecore Implementation Partner. They would build websites using the Sitecore platform. Quite soon, they understood that building a website is no longer just a matter of technology. It requires knowledge of the customer journey and of how customers interact.

Sidewalk started off in a small team of four back in 2012. They consisted of a team lead and three developers. After their first projects, the number of projects started to increase and the team grew with it. Today, there are 35 proud Sidewalk members, taking on the challenge together.

But they haven’t just grown in numbers: they have grown in their competences as well. As they felt the need to move from a technical to a martech company very soon, they have expanded the team with the necessary marketing experts. These marketers have a great knowledge of their field of expertise, but they also know the Sitecore platform well and what it can do for their clients.

Sidewalk New Brand
Sidewalk New Brand
Sidewalk LogoBy the end of 2015, Sidewalk realized that their brand needed to express the change they had experienced in the previous years, so they wanted to create their own brand that illustrated their identity as a full service digital agency.

On March 24th, Sidewalk organized an event called "Transforming the Customer Journey", on which they first presented the result of their rebranding.
Sidewalk’s new logo carries meaning and reflects the company values. For the design, a few principles were taken into account to make sure it fits within the whole rebranding. Firstly, they wanted to retain the shape of the letter ‘S’. But the idea was to add an extra dimension to this letter. By incorporating a 3D effect, that letter now actually reflects a real sidewalk. Secondly, that sidewalk symbolizes their slogan “Transforming the customer journey”.

In the finalized version of the logo some extra elements were added. The use of gradient added to the 3D effect of the logo. Also, the logo can be used in negatives, to make sure it can be used on colored background as well as in itself, while retaining its strong impression. An additional element of the logo is the use of shadows to add to the 3D effect.
Sidewalk Line logo