Sitecore Experience Platform v8.2 release!

Because digital never sleeps, doesn't take a day off, . . . Sitecore released (in August) Version 8.2 of the Experience Platform.
Packed with the usual goodness but this time, some specific features are included.
This Sitecore Experience Platform release - 8.2 - includes:
  • Content Foundation improvements (Dependency Injection, Caching and Performance)
  • Support for the Publishing Service
  • Support for Express Migration
  • Enhanced Experience Editor features
  • Marketing Funnels
  • New Experience Analytics reports and charting
  • Improved Content Testing UI
  • Enhanced Path Analyzer component
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator
  • Includes all the fixes from 8.1 Update-3

  • Every bullet here will be material to talk about in the coming weeks! 

    Click here to see the v8.2 release notes: RELEASE v8.2 NOTES

    If you are looking for extra documentation about V8,
    Sitecore provides a Doc platform: DOCUMENTATION PLATFORM

    Sitecore v8.2