2 New Sitecore MVPs for Sidewalk

Sitecore just dropped the list of the 2017 MVPs. Most Valuable Professionals. The professionals that live & breath Sitecore. Sidewalk is fortunate to have TWO of those in-house. Mikaël Vandeskelde (Digital Strategist) & Koen Heye (Technology). Read what our two fresh MVPs have to say about their new Sitecore Title!

A Sitecore MVP is an individual with expertise in Sitecore who actively participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with other Sitecore partners and customers. The increasing amount of individuals that are sharing expertise and knowledge is reflected in the Sitecore community that is growing at a mind-blowing speed. Thanks to this open approach-DNA We are able to offer a clear & helpful, personalized approach: we listen & collaborate, offering state-of-the-art technology & dedicated expertise to meet our client’s select goals. We create quality engagements for customers by taking clients’ ordinary customer visits and transforming them into something remarkable.

More on Sitecore's MVP's for 2017: Read the Sitecore MVP 2017 page

If you want to know more about our efforts in MVP Expertise and knowledge don't hesitate to shoot us an e-mail or get in touch with us. Let's start a conversation!

Mikaël Vandeskelde - MVP Digital Strategist
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As a data-driven business consultant I help organizations to achieve their strategic/marketing objectives and drive business results by using and pushing digital marketing technology to the limit.
Plans for 2017
In 2017 my focus will be to support the SUG BELUX community by co-organizing events and representing Sidewalk. At the same time I am more than ever eager to continue to master the Sitecore Experience platform so I can share my expertise with clients, partners, the Sitecore community and like-minded business peers. 

Mikaël Vandeskelde - Sitecore MVP 2017
Koen Heye - Sitecore MVP 2017

Koen Heye - MVP Technology
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I'm a Belgian Sitecore Solutions Architect for Sidewalk and have about 4 years of experience on several projects both small & large. It all started with some maintenance on a Sitecore 6.5 project. But since then I have transitioned to Sitecore 7.2 and 8.2. Getting more and more involved in all aspects of the Sitecore platform! Going from Sitecore pre-sales to architecture, development, automated deployments, personalization and implementing digital marketing strategies/optimizations.

Besides being a passionate Sitecore architect, I'm also an amateur beer brewer. A few times a year I come together with some friends to brew a small batch of beer. We are always trying out different recipies and refining our process.
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people enjoying something you created yourself!
My motivation:
The past 4 years have been a great experience. I started a Sitecore job and the passion to learn something new was very exciting. Then that passion grew into getting better and mastering multiple aspects of SC. I took up the role as tech lead and architect in my company and enjoy working with several teams on projects. Always trying to push the limits to deliver a cutting-edge project tailored to the client while using the best SC features/modules available. I became the go-to guy for my collegues with questions about the development, the project setup or the implementation of marketing strategies.

There is 1 big difference with last year: Sitecore has become my oxygen. I'm breathing it every day. The passion grew into keep improving not only myself but also everyone around me. I started blogging, giving internal presentations as well as being more active in the Sitecore community. It is a pleasure to see so many passionated MVP's. A role I'm convinced to fulfil myself.
So I’m planning to keep on learning and keep on spreading the knowledge.