A Sidewalk white paper on why your Custom CMS will kill your digital project, your teams motivation and the digital transformation of your organization altogether. This is a short overview of what you'll read in the white paper.

Glad those days are over!

As a digital marketer, 15 years ago (it wasn't called that back then, we know!),  you just invented the ultimate "marketing and communication technique”:

I will inject the personalized content I want my visitor to read
at the precise moment that my visitor thinks he needs to read my content.
On top of that, I'll capture all his moves, write these moves in a big database
and cross / up sell my more expensive products.
The rest is world domination . . .

Back "then" CMS vendors vended technological solutions for showing hypertext mark-up language text on a screen. Just build the intelligence on top of that!

The internal customer journey

During one of my missions at Sidewalk I was asked to transform the consumer journey by making optimal use of an enterprise search solution. The application of our customer just got integrated in an intranet environment and we had to make optimal use of the solution and explore the possibilities.

Over the years this customer’s intranet environment organically grew and became a maze of information. At the same time the organization didn’t find the time nor the resources to dedicate the proper attention to the customer’s experience aspect.


The main objective was loud and clear: shorten the journey.


In other words, we needed to provide advise how users could:

  • reach their goal faster
  • easily find the information they were looking for
  • and thus save time (i.e. money)

On the other hand, internal client research had made clear that in many cases the user was confronted with dead-ends. Users basically get lost looking for information and end their consumer journey irritated and frustrated. Leaving your site and killing your conversion rates.

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Download this Sidewalk white paper on "Why your Custom CMS will kill your digital project, your teams motivation and the digital transformation of your organization altogether".

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White paper | Custom CMS versus Integrated Platform

Sidewalk & Sitecore

At Sidewalk we are happy to work with a vendor as Sitecore.
They promised us a rose garden, we got one without the thorns. They allow us and all our customers to focus on what's important. Not the tool but what you do with that tool. 

Every time we launch a new site or we finalize a Sitecore migration, we notice that the integrated platform has become a common ground for all of the silos, departments, "any"-levels (or internal enemies) to start talking about WHAT they want to do. Not about HOW they want to do.

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