Taking on the challenge in the financial sector!

Oct 2016 | Sidewalk & Skedify join forces to take on challenges in the financial sector. Digital solutions disrupting different businesses: it’s a familiar story these days. But for some the solution is not always easy. What about the service industry in which local service points are indispensable? Banks for example. Sidewalk and Skedify joined forces to take on this challenge and provide a solution that bridges the gap between online and offline for the banking industry in particular.
Why would banks still need their local service points? Because no one wants to discuss loan terms online. Because of security concerns. Because today: not everyone is ready to complete the full customer journey online. Especially when it comes to services concerning their money. The need for a strategy that combines online and offline has presented itself quite some time ago. And now there is an answer for that need.

1. Sidewalk: SiteCore solutions with a customer-centered approach
Sidewalk has been a Sitecore specialist from the beginning: the platform offers everything today’s marketer would want and is a great solution for enterprises and the service industry. The marketing technology offers a 360° customer view that allows for an enterprise to analyze the needs of their customers and offer more personalized experiences.

Sidewalk and Skedify join forces to take on challenges in the financial sector
Brigdging the gap between Online & Ofline
2. Skedify: a start-up that reduces time spent on scheduling to what is strictly necessary
Skedify is a Ghent-based start-up that has developed a scheduling solution for enterprises and their clients. The tool allows for clients with a specific question to book an appointment with the right person, on a time slot that suits their personal agenda. No more phone calls, emails or other communication simply to make an appointment. No more hassle of referrals from one department to the other.

3. The Sidewalk & Skedify partnership: a perfect combo?
The powerful tool of Sidewalk offers great opportunities when it comes to marketing, customer profiling and follow-up of leads. But for service companies that cannot seal the deal online simply because their product is too complex they need something that improves the online experience and bridges the gap between online and offline. That makes Skedify the perfect addition
At the moment Sidewalk and Skedify are finalizing their first project together in the financial sector. The shift to digital has kicked in as well and the package offered by both parties provides exactly what banks need: an online experience that leads customers to their service points. More news about that soon.
Posted on www.commagroup.be by Vincent Vanderbeck . 7/10/2016

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