AXA Bank | Best Bank of 2016

The readers of have named AXA Bank the best bank of the year. "Customers look for a bank that is strong both online and locally," was the clear conclusion at Published on | 13/12/16 by Moneytalk

The fact that AXA Bank wins this year's title is, according to, a major transformation in the savings market. In the 6 years that goes in search of the best bank of the year, Argenta won this title. This year Argenta finished runner-up. The popular big bank, KBC, managed to get in 3d place. Well done to them too.

Despite the high interest rates offered by “Internet banking", Belgians opt for trusted brands such as AXA Bank. The real success is the combination of a strong local network of agents and their internet platform. Both environments are working seamlessly together to cover the conversion with transparent & user-friendly online tools. This is an important step in this customer journey to turn a virtual / online interaction into a personal appointment at the bank agents.

According to the comparison website, that is why AXA Bank has made this year's Best Bank of 2016.

Wim Pauwels, spokesman for AXA Bank explains: "We worked hard in recent years to make the banking experience for our customers as simple as possible, with simple products and very accessible online tools. In addition, AXA Bank is literally close to its customers through an extensive network of independent office agents. They are often the familiar face to our customers. This combination is clearly appreciated by our customers."

Money Talk | AXA Bank Best bank of 2016
AXA Bank | Bank of the Year 2016

The Sidewalk team is proud to be part of the digital transformation of AXA Bank. Managing the customer experience and placing the human proximity back in this major touch point (the AXA Bank website) has been a target for the whole team. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, continuous integration and the close collaboration with the AXA teams, Sidewalk is able to deliver some of Belgium's most advanced and successful internet platform frameworks in the banking sector.

A big congratulation to AXA Bank Belgium.

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