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Marketing, Technology & what it means for .NET developers 

That Web Content Management systems have changed tremendously over the past 10 years would be an understatement. Content Management has become a smaller part of the digital efforts of today to generate leads. With as a consequence that these WCM’s have evolved into true DXM’s: Digital Experience Management systems.

Marketing & technology
Digital marketing and the use of DXM’s is no longer a question, it’s a must. Gathering data and transforming this into truly meaningful information to generate marketing automation, that is what it’s all about. To help build that future, you need a team that has the capabilities to do so: a team in which marketers and techies know their way around each other and support each other.

If we take a look at the marketing technology landscape today, we could state that it is quite impressive. But is not just about the amount of tools that present themselves. Technologies change, the problem is that man doesn’t. And that is what so many seem to forget. In technology, it is always about the bigger picture: how can you make an effort in digital strategy and gather data to reach a specific goal? And that goal is always the consumer.

What does this mean for .NET developers?
Experience platforms that have .NET at its base need developers that realize how important their skills are throughout the whole process. The .NET developers of the future define a platform’s success because their C# skills are at the base of various touch points and improve the customer experience to a defining degree. They help build platforms in which the customer is truly central.

Today it is all about attitude (attitude over aptitude). In our DNA research, production and delivery are the key to success. As a team and individually.

Sidewalk is recruiting DotNet

We're in the driver’s seat when it comes to the future of digital. All our clients know that they need to think in terms of customer journey and inspirational experience. But first, they have to find the goals and direction of their project.
Thanks to our fully stuffed toolbox with .NET, Bootstrap, MS SQL's, MongoDB's, Analytics, and so on, we are able to build digital marketing platforms that offer the client all the information they need. And all that with Big (small) Data, linked to external systems (like CRM/ERP/Commerce and other systems).
The technical aspect in itself is no longer an issue in the digital marketing environment. Been there, done that! It is the direction (strategy and technology choices) and quality (production, development, solidity) of a project that defines the true value of a project, today and in the following years. For these choices Sidewalk is a valuable partner, who brings technology and marketing truly together.

The internal customer journey

During one of my missions at Sidewalk I was asked to transform the consumer journey by making optimal use of an enterprise search solution. The application of our customer just got integrated in an intranet environment and we had to make optimal use of the solution and explore the possibilities.

Over the years this customer’s intranet environment organically grew and became a maze of information. At the same time the organization didn’t find the time nor the resources to dedicate the proper attention to the customer’s experience aspect.


The main objective was loud and clear: shorten the journey.


In other words, we needed to provide advise how users could:

  • reach their goal faster
  • easily find the information they were looking for
  • and thus save time (i.e. money)


On the other hand, internal client research had made clear that in many cases the user was confronted with dead-ends. Users basically get lost looking for information and end their consumer journey irritated and frustrated. Leaving your site and killing your conversion rates.

Do you see yourself as a developer of the future? Would you like to join our team to help build the experience platforms of tomorrow?

Send us your phone number and email address via hello@sidewalk.be and we will be happy to contact you.

See you soon?